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I tend to be an abstract, big picture thinker. I spend lots of time pondering ideas in my head with my attention not on what I am physically doing at the moment. I like to see the grand scheme of things and leave the practical details for others to figure out (fortunately, I am married to a man who is very good at bringing me back down from the clouds to the practical, every day things that I need to focus on more!).

Because I do so much reading and have such a hunger for knowledge, I find myself continually devouring books, searching for Truth. As an Orthodox Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life and so I endeavor to see if the books that I read align with the Truth that can be found in Christ. Hence the title of this blog: Through the Mind to the Heart.  Because what I am finding more and more is that, as I seek Wisdom, my heart is changing and I am beginning to see myself more clearly.

I am also deeply interested in education, especially the idea of classical education, which is intended to be a shaping and forming of one's soul.  My plan then, is to use this blog to share the insights and ideas that come to me as I read, more as a record for myself than anything, but I also want to share with others because I have found that occasionally there are other people who happen to be interested in the same things I am, and it's nice to know that sometimes.  

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