Thursday, June 22, 2017

Careful What You Wish For

O Thou, Who at the ninth hour didst taste of death in the flesh, mortify the presumption of our flesh, O Christ God, and save us. 
                             from the prayers of the Ninth Hour

Sometimes I have a tendency to say my prayers without thinking much about the words. It's not really a problem per se because I completely and absolutely trust the holy saints who composed the beautiful prayers that we use. However, God always hears our prayers and sometimes the answer comes while I'm busy looking the other way, because I just wasn't paying attention to what I was asking for.

If you look closely at the short prayer above you'll see what I mean. It's very easy to say those words and even easy to agree with the sentiment. But look more closely, take a minute to define some words, and suddenly it's not such a simple or safe prayer anymore. In fact it's downright dangerous if we aren't ready to face some mortification!

The same could be said for many of the prayers we pray. I have often asked for patience; it took me a long time to realize that asking for patience in prayer meant that I was going to be getting more and more opportunity to practice being patient!

It's always a good thing to ask for good things. Our God pours blessing down upon us without stint. But often we don't see the blessings because we haven't paid close attention. We get distracted by the illusion of fulfilment in this life and we forget that we're just visiting. This world shouldn't feel like home because it isn't.

...mortify the presumption of our flesh, O Christ God, and save us. 

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