Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesdays with Words: Hans Christian Anderson on Orthodox Easter

My sister sent me a link to this blog post, containing part of an article written by Hans Christian Anderson this morning. It's a beautiful and apt description of the joy that permeates the air on Pascha. A couple excerpts:

" is a feast which streams from the hearts and thoughts of the people, from their very life..."

"Christ was in their thoughts, as on their lips. "Christ is risen!"  was the mutual assurance, made as though it were no bygone event; no, it was as if it had taken place on that night, and in this land. It was as if the assurance had reached their ears at that moment, and for the first time."

Indeed, every time we celebrate this joyous feast, every year as we step outside of time and into eternity, we proclaim "Christ is risen!" with a joy that is eternally new, eternally fresh and full of wonder.

Glory to God!