Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesdays with Words: Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives

Words that have been soothing and appropriate for me these days from Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica:

We must be prepared to accept the will of God. The Lord permits all sorts of things to happen to us contrary to our will, for if we always have it our way, we will not be prepared for the Kingdom of Heaven. Neither heaven nor earth will receive those who are self-willed. God has a Divine plan for each one of us, and we must submit to His plan. We must accept life as it is given to us, without asking, "Why me?" We must know that nothing on earth or in heaven ever happens without the will of God or His permission. We must not become too engrossed with our hardships but concentrate on preserving our inner peace. Even when we are praying for something, we are trying to force our will instead of accepting God's. All hardships and sorrows that God sens us are necesssary for us, but we do not understand this when we are young. When we are older, then we understand that htis is the way God shows His love for us. 

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  1. Dear Elder Thaddeus, how old I will have to be before I understand this?


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