Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesdays with Words :: What do your words say?

Today's words came from a rather unexpected place. I picked up a little book for beginning New Testament Greek from my church library on Sunday. It's compact and the lessons look like they're laid out simply. Since my other Greek text book has me dreading each new lesson I thought a change might be in order. I came across these words in the introduction:
Language is a reflection of the intellectual and spiritual habits of the people who use it.
The New Testament writers have used the common, living language of the day. But they have used it in the expression of uncommon thoughts, and the language itself, in the process, has been to some extent transformed.

I'll be thinking about this for awhile. I wonder what our language says about us. I wonder how and if our usage of language has changed it. Most of all I wonder what my use of language says about me.
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  1. Wow, Lisa! This was worth waiting for. Living language changes its users and itself. Beautiful.


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