Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesdays with Words :: Spending life as we will

Linking up with Dawn for Wednesdays with Words.

A passage taken from The Two Towers in which the Lady Eowyn is speaking to Aragorn, after her uncle's restortation to health, asking him if she might come with him:

"Too often have I heard of duty," she cried. "But am I not of the House of Eorl, a shield-maiden and not a dry nurse? I have waited on faltering feet long enough. Since they falter no longer, it seems, may I not now spend my life as I will?"
"Few may do that with honour," he answered. 
 How very often I seek to spend my life as I will and not as God asks me to. Honour is not to be found in the pursuit of my own will, nor is freedom found there. Only through obedience to His will and through laying down my own desires can true freedom in Christ be found. I almost wrote "submission to His will", but submission implies a giving up and a surrender, whereas obedience is a cooperation and a type of synergy - a working together that proceeds from my free choice to follow Him rather than myself.


  1. I like the distinction you draw between submission and obedience. Intriguing. Thanks for joining in!

    1. I can't take credit for the idea. :) I got it here:


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