Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Holy Martyr Marina

 Saint Marina IconThe Holy Great Martyr Marina is commemorated on July 17 in the Orthodox Church. Her witness to the world for the sake of Christ is a breathtaking example of what it means to love the Lord with all one's heart, soul, mind and strength. She endured unbelievable tortures and sufferings because she loved her Bridegroom more than her own life. St. Nikolai expounds upon this in his reflection below: 

Until Christ becomes all for the soul completely all which generally has a certain permanent and unchanging value, until then, man cannot enter into suffering for Christ. How could St. Marina the fifteen-year-old girl enter into suffering for Christ? For to her, Christ was all completely all! ... Behold, how St. Tikhon of Zadonsk speaks in detail of how Christ is all to man in the form of a conversation between Christ and man:

Do you desire blessedness? Every blessedness is in Me.

Do you desire beauty? What is more beautiful than Me?

Do you desire nobleness? What is more noble than the Son of God and the Holy Virgin?

Do you desire height? What is higher than the Kingdom of Heaven?

Do you desire riches? In Me are all riches.

Do you desire wisdom? I am the Wisdom of God.

Do you desire friendship? Who is a kinder friend than I Who lay down My life for all?

Do you desire help? Who can help except Me?

Do you seek joy? Who will rejoice outside of Me?

Do you seek comfort in misery? Who will comfort you outside of Me?

Do you seek peace? I am the peace of the soul.

Do you seek life? In Me is the source of life.

Do you seek light? 'I am the Light of the world' " (St. John 8:12).

O Holy Martyr Marina, pray unto God for us! 

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