Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesdays with Words :: The Light of the blind

I am thrilled that I was able to make it to Pre-Sanctified Liturgy today. I felt well, all the kids were cooperating and we finally made it. Glory to God! The following words are from one of the hymns we heard tonight:

Today the unapproachable by nature approaches me, and frees me from passions by enduring the Passion. The Light of the blind is spat upon by sinful men, and gives His back to scourgings for the sake of the captives. When the pure Virgin Mother beheld Him on the Cross, she cried out in pain: Woe to me! What is this Thou hast done, O my Child? Thou, Whose beauty was fairer than that of any man, appearest lifeless, with no form of comeliness. Woe to me, O my Light. I cannot bear to look upon Thee sleeping. My being is wounded, for a sword has pierced my heart. But I praise Thy Passion, and I bow before Thy compassion. O long-suffering Lord, glory to Thee. 

~Theotokion for Wednesday of the Fourth week of Lent

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  1. I always enjoy when you share from your tradition, Lisa. Our pastor preached yesterday about reconciliation and how the one who has been wronged ought to bring it about out of compassion for the one who is committing sin. He compared it to God seeking out Adam and Eve in the Garden and Jesus coming to seek and save the lost. Your "Unapproachable approaching me" brings those ideas into greater focus. Thank you.


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